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A name synonymous with quality.

A level of quality which was reached through the energetic efforts of a whole century.

History per Years

 1900 - 1920

In the beginning of 1900 Elias Loukisas, came to Piraeus from the island of Andros searching for a better life, giving to the ship's captain a sheep for the price of the ticket.

After two decades of hard work (1900-1920) he bought 2,6 hectares of land in the area of Agioi Anargiroi which he exploited by cultivating vegetables and raising animals


  1922 - 1942

In the beginning of 1922 Elias Loukisas married Anastasia Loukisa with the aim of creating a large family with her.

Truly, in the next decade and up to the beginning of 1936, the couple had 7 children, 4 boys and 3 girls.

In the next decade, and specifically in 1942, the family was devastated by the sad death of Elias Loukisas at the early age of 57.

   1945 - 1951

After the death of the pioneer Elia Loukisas, the family enterprise continued its operations while and at the same time being pressed continuously by the expansion of Athens.

In 1951 this "monster" conurbation forced the enterprise to stop its operations in the area of Agioi Anargiroi, and with the initiative of the three brothers the enterprise moved to the foot of Mount Parnitha, in the Acharnon Municipality, where the company is still based.

    1953 - 1999

After fifty years of hard work, always with the aim of producing high-quality products, the agricultural enterprise was expanding continuously.

In 1995 the first ultra-modern greenhouse unit was constructed which a size of 0.45 hectares as part of the European Programme �Exploiting Mild Energy for Enhancing the Quality of Fruit and Flower Products� which was included in the Regional Enterprise Programme of 1994-1999.

The project was financed by 50% from the European Community.

In 1995, the production of seedlings began in �Loukisas Farms� because of the inability at that time of the existing nursery units to supply the enterprise with healthy plants, hardy (resilient) varieties or hybrids.

     1999 - 2009

Loukisas Farms� has now two production centers, with the second established in the area of Theva.

The number of hectares which are exploited by the enterprise in both installations is about 15, and are supplemented by the necessary production equipment.

The company is, on a European level, the first agricultural enterprise to use this type of hydroponics cultivation for the production of leafy vegetables and other produce.

The last decade has characterized �Loukisas Farms� with enlargement, expansion of installations, quality certificates being awarded, agreements and co-operations of strategic importance being signed, and generally with constant progress and development.

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