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The activities of "Loukisas Farms" in its century of existence are based on the phrase "Unity is strength".

The main philosophy of the enterprise is the production of quality and at the same time high-volume products, within an excellent level of operation.

1. Production process

Loukisas Farms is constantly expanding its installations and equipment and adopting new methods of production.
A characteristic example is the acquisition and the incorporation in the production process of the method of hydroponics cultivation of leafy vegetables and other produce (the first in Europe).

2. Activities

The word that characterizes the work done at Loukisas Farms is "ceaseless".
The enterprise combines daily its productive activities with applied research in its field.

3. Basic aims and philosophy

These are:
a.The creation of long-lasting professional relationships - and not short-term co-operations.

For this purpose the enterprise pledges to its customers a constant supply of products of a high quality standard and enters dynamically into strong alliances with other sectors of food industry.

b.The entrance of the enterprise into the large markets of Europe taking into account that the Greek market is small in size and is not able to support large ventures.

c.The creation of a strong name in the market, with character and lasting value. The creation of a name perfectly tied with quality.

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Vision and Philosophy
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