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The «Loukisas Farms»

are model agricultural centers of cultivation established in Attica, Greece. The main activity of the enterprise is the cultivation of vegetables and flowers: greenhouse, hypaethral, and seedlings. 

The name «Loukisas»  dates back in the field of farming and generally of agriculture, almost a century, to the beginning of the decade of 1920 when the purchase of the first installations took place.

Since then Loukisas Farms has made great strides of progress by investing in the fields of research, development, training and new technologies with the aim of assuring the quality of its products as well as at the same time protecting the environment.

With strong vision and ambitions the enterprise constantly enhances its activities by expanding its installations, installing new cultivation systems and by making strategic agreements with major companies in the food industry.

"Loukisas Farms" is the first agricultural unit in Europe which acquired and actively uses in its production process, a new, high-quality and efficient cultivation system for the production of leafy vegetables and other produce. This is a prototype floating, closed- type hydroponics cultivation system which was the subject of research by ΝASA.

This uniqueness, in combination with the characteristics of tradition, quality, reliability, professional faith, incorporation of new technology and methods, research & development and respect for the environment, have propelled "Loukisas Farms" to the peak of its field.

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