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Advantages of "Loukisas Farms"

A century of existence is quite enough time to bolster the theory and also the practices of «Loukisas Farms», with competitive advantages.

"Since three generations you trust us because we provide" :

    1. Constant quality control with detailed analyses of the quality characteristics of the cultivated products.

    2. Satisfaction that the specifications set by the European Union are met as a minimum requirement for the final product.

    3. Full supervision of the production process in every stage (seeding, growth, harvesting, packaging, storing, delivery).

    4. Fully-trained working force which assures the exact application of the cultivation methods, as set by the scientific staff of «Loukisas Farms» (two agriculturists).

    5. Application of the most modern cultivation techniques with simultaneous preventive eradication of pests and diseases, but always within the framework of the current legislation on plant-protecting products.

    6. Constant training of the scientific staff through their participation in seminars, conferences, lectures etc. on the subject of progress in global agriculture

    7. "Loukisas Farms" were recently the first to apply an innovative technology which revolutionized the current state of affairs in cultivation.
      The successful completion of the experimental installation opens news horizons, with main criteria the benefits and protection offered to the consumer, while at the same time protecting the environment, as eco-friendly products can be produced.

    8. The products of «Loukisas Farms» have been proved to provide the best shelf life and have excellent quality characteristics (taste, aroma, crunchiness) with unbeatable freshness because of the short distance to the market (12km to Athens center).

    9. The enterprise invests a large proportion of its net profit in research, new equipment and in the expansion of its installations.

    10. As mentioned above, «Loukisas Farms» has a history of 100 years and 3 generations in the field of cultivation and agriculture.

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